Some photographs of the Armstrong Siddeley Mark II Deerhounds


Deerhound Mark II

Front view of a Deerhound Mark II - partially stripped-down state.   See comments below as to possible date.



Deerhound Mark II - side view

Side view of a Deerhound Mark II in a partially stripped-down state.  In same series as the photograph above.
These two photographs are apparently dated 8th July 1954.    However, this date may be open to some quite
considerable doubt, as:  (1)  Only the Mark III engine, of which there was only one, is recalled as surviving the
war;  (2)  There seem to be too many Deerhound parts and/or spares in the background.   It is unlikely that so
many would have been have been retained, as the Deerhound was finally cancelled in the autumn of 1941; and
(3)  The apparent date of these photographs is the same as that of the tired-looking
stripped-down Mark III
Deerhound which is clearly recalled as still existing in the 1950's, and well beyond.  Any information welcome!



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