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The Armstrong Siddeley Car Division's late December 1952 "Family Tree"

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The late Mervyn Cutler [1902-1998] let me have a take a copy of the car division's "family tree" in the early 1990's.  A copy was also deposited at that time with the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust Coventry branch's library.  Unfortunately, the "original" was a fading dyeline (so-called blueprint) that was difficult to photocopy.  The photocopy was scanned at 300dpi to produce the graphic given below.  To print easily on to A4 paper, go to the "Solo" link, either here or below.  The page as printed will be of a much higher quality compared to the page on screen.

This family tree was one of the few ASM documents - and one of only two or so ASM car documents - that Mervyn Cutler kept, and shows the situation at the car division as it was just a little while before he resigned from ASM (for the third time).  A much delayed obituary of Mervyn Cutler will appear on these pages in due course.

Richard Hodgson


ASM Car Division Family Tree - December 1952