Some comparative photographs of the last Armstrong Siddeley Deerhounds:

Deerhound Mk. 111

A side view of the ASM Deerhound Mk.111 ("Tresilian's Deerhound") as built and run.  Dated 13 August 1940



Deerhound MK. III+? - photograph clearly retouched

A clearly retouched side view for a proposal for a Mk.111 redesign or even a Mk.IV.  Tresilian wished to clear
up the engine's rear end and use a simpler two-speed drive for the supercharger.     Note that the magnetos now
at the rear.  The front [sic] cylinders were the most prone to overheat on the Mk.111.   Dated 2 October 1940


Drawing of the proposed Deerhound Mk. IV?

There is reference at about the time this GA (General Arrangement) sketch was prepared, Friday 1st November
1940, to a Deerhound Mk.IV being considered by Tresilian and other senior ASM engineers.   The Mk. IV was
to be designed in power-plant form.    This sketch may very well be the Mark IV.    Note that the magnetos are,
unlike the "intermediate" proposal immediately above, at the front.  The rest appears similar to the "intermediate".


2000 (only as to text) Richard Hodgson

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