Richard Hodgson       Michael Stephens (door tenant)      Owen Keane

24 Arterberry Road,  Wimbledon,  London,  SW20 8AH,  United Kingdom
Tel:  + 44 (0) 20 7353 0747       General e-mail


Registered and other Designs;  Copyright;  Patents;  Trade Marks;  Passing Off;  Law of Confidence;  Branding

Agreements; Assignments; Licences; Performing Rights; Book, Music, Film and other publishing matters

E-Commerce;   Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations;   Web content and children
Software, Cloud & Web Agreements;   Software and Hardware disputes;   Technical litigation

Data Protection;  Web law;  Domain Name disputes;  Hosting disputes;  Use of cookies

Preparation of Contracts, Agreements, Assignments and Licences;  Litigation in all courts
Advice;   Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) - including mediation and arbitration

Training:  CPD - Continuing Professional Development in these areas of the law


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